Investment Approach

From time to time, the House of Julius Meinl makes minority investments that enable it to back entrepreneurial companies that it believes will generate superior long term returns.

Our Heritage

Going back to the foundation of its business activities in 1862, the Meinl Family has been a family of merchants and investors. This continues today both in its commercial activities such as Julius Meinl am Graben, Julius Meinl Living and KEX Confectionery; and in the financial activities of the House of Julius Meinl.

We believe that through the derivation of the right learnings from our past activities, we can add value in a wide range of situations, even where we do not have control and where we are relatively passive investors.

Baudoin & Lange

The House of Julius Meinl has invested alongside the founders of Baudoin & Lange, a luxury shoe brand founded in London in 2016.

Baudoin and Lange


The House of Julius Meinl has enjoyed success as an investor in various technology situations and continues to be active in this space.