Doing Well By Doing Good

The Meinl Family has a long history of social engagement, in addition to financial generosity.

Deciding on the right giving solution is essential to maximizing both the social impact and your own benefit. Based on our own knowledge and practical experience we can help our clients to fulfil their philanthropic vision by providing advice on strategy and structures for giving

Austrian Political Society (OPG)

In 1915, Julius Meinl II founded the Austrian Political Society (ÖPG) as a platform for discussion and the exchange of plans for bringing peace by bringing to an end the First World War.

Austrian Democratic Union

In 1939, Julius Meinl III emigrated from Austria to the United Kingdom, from where he was Chairman of the Austrian Democratic Union after the Second World War.

World Jewish Congress

Julius Meinl V is actively engaged in Jewish philanthropy. He provides support to Jewish communal institutions in Austria, in particular, to the Lauder School of Entrepreneurship in Vienna. Actively supports Jewish communities in countries, where the House of Meinl is active in: in the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Israel.