Historic Business Interests

Beginning in 1862, the business interests of the Meinl family evolved from Julius Meinl I’s first grocer’s shop to include coffee, banking and real estate. Certain of these businesses have been exited, others remain within the Meinl family. All, however, remain part of the DNA of the House of Julius Meinl.

Grocery Retail

Over 5 generations, the Meinl family used its skill, patience and determination to build the Julius Meinl grocery retail business into one of the largest and most successful such businesses in Europe. Following a decision taken in 1998, this business was mainly exited.


Julius Meinl I was the founder of a new category, selling ready roasted coffee for the first time in 1877 in Vienna, Austria. Today the Julius Meinl coffee company is one of the largest in central Europe.

Real Estate

Following the exit from most of the retailing business, attention shifted to the creation of one of central Europe’s leading developers and operators of shopping centres and other retail properties. Meinl European Land was exited in 2008, although the family has subsequently continued to be active in this area.


From beginnings as a savings and credit association linked to the Julius Meinl grocery retail business, Meinl Bank grew to be a leading Austrian private, merchant and investment bank. It is now in liquidation.